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The Discoveries Centre for Regenerative and Precision Medicine

January 30th, 2017


The Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences (iBB), through the Stem Cell Engineering Research Group (SCERG), participates in the “The Discoveries Centre for Regenerative and Precision Medicine” (The Discoveries Centre), a multi-campi Centre of Excellence new recently approved, by the European Commission with a EC budget of 15 millions of Euros for seven years. The Discoveries Centre is an initiative from 5 Portuguese universities including the University of Minho (UMINHO), University of Porto (UPORTO), University of Aveiro (UAVR), University of Lisbon (ULISBOA), New University of Lisbon (UNL), and University College of London (UCL), founders of the Centre of Excellence. SCERG is the coordinator of University of Lisbon campus. The Discoveries Centre will start its activities in February 2017.

The objective is to create a unique and sustainable multi-campi centre of excellence on Regenerative and Precision Medicine with a strong structuring effect in the Portuguese science landscape that will have high international visibility, and act as an International flagship for the Portuguese Translational Science, with a clear scientific and economic impact and a global effect on the quality of life of a very significant number of patients that suffer from cardiovascular, neuro-degenerative and musculoskeletal diseases.