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7th edition of the Symposium on the Computational Tools for Direct Digital Manufacturing (CT4DDM) within the 19th edition of the International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics (ICNAAM) 2021

September 20-26 2021, Virtual

Oral Presentations

Marcelino, P., Silva, J.C., Moura, C.S., Meneses, J., Garrudo, F., Alves, N., Pascoal-Faria, P., Ferreira, F.C., “Design and fabrication of curvature featuring scaffolds for mimicking osteochondral geometries in tissue engineering: a mathematical approach”

International Conference on Polymer Science and Composite Materials (Polymer Connect 2021)

July 5-7 2021, Virtual

Oral Presentations

Meneses, J., Silva, J.C., Fernandes, S.R., Datta, A., Moura, C.S., Ferreira, F.C., Miranda, P., Alves, N.M., Pascoal-Faria, P., “Digital Twin: A New Tool for Tissue Engineering”

International Conference on Direct Digital Manufacturing and Polymers (ICDDMAP) 2021

May 20-22 2021, Virtual

Oral Presentations

Silva, J.C., Moura, C.S., Carvalho, M.S., Cabral, J.M.S., Pascoal-Faria, P., Alves, N., Linhardt, R.J., Ferreira, F.C., “Additive manufacturing-based biomimetic/bio-instructive scaffolds and bioreactors for bone, cartilage and osteochondral tissue engineering”