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Lab Assistants

PhD students

Research Assistants

MSc students

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Research Associates

Catarina Madeira, European Correspondent for Portugal at ECRIN-ERIC

Postdoc Fellows

Francisco dos Santos, CSO at StemCell2Max

Gemma Eibes, University of Santiago de Compostela

Hélder Barbosa, COO at Heart Genetics

Pedro Zacarias Andrade, Project Manager at Biosurfit

Pedro Oliveira, Senior Scientist at Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Ricardo Baptista, Lead Scientist at Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

Sara Badenes, Business Development Officer at A4F-Algae for Future

Sofia Ribeiro, Univ. Hospital of Basel, Unit of Assisted Reprod. Medicine

PhD Students

Ana Frias, Senior Scientist at Stemmatters

António Soure, Medical Liaison at Takeda

Carla Moura, Research Associate at CDRsp, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria

David Braga Malta, Venture Consultant at Caixa Capital

Diogo Pinto, Senior R&D Project Manager at A4F-Algae for Future

Elsa Abranches, Senior Scientist at UK Stem Cell Bank

Francisco Moreira, Business Analyst at IQVIA

Gonçalo Rodrigues, Medical Affairs at Janssen

Irina Simões, Tissue Governance Support at Medical Research Council

Javad Hatami, Postdoc fellow at CICECO, University of Aveiro

Joana Boura, Research Scientist at Oxford BioMedica

Márcia Mata, Process Development Scientist at Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

Miriam Sousa, Project Development Specialist at ynvisible

Raquel Gonçalves, Research Associate at i3s, University of Porto

Tânia Baltazar, Postdoc fellow at Yale University