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PhD student

Education and Training

Intern Research Fellow, Institute of Science and Technology Austria, Austria, 2020

Research Fellow, Instituto de Medicina Molecular, University of Lisbon, Portugal, 2019-2020

MSc in Molecular Genetics and Biomedicine, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal, 2018

BSc in Biology (Molecular Biology and Genetics), Faculty of Science and Technology, New University of Lisbon, Portugal, 2016

Research activities

I’m a 1st year PhD student. I’m studying the Epigenetic stability in human iPSCs. Epigenetic defects have been reported in iPSCs and their differentiated derivatives, particularly at epigenetic-sensitive loci, such as imprinted regions, therefore I’m studying the origin and consequences of these imprinting defects in human iPSCs.

Selected publications

Silva, T.P., Pereira, C.A., Oliveira, A.R., Raposo, A.C., Arez, M., Cabral, J.M.S., Milagre, I., Carmo-Fonseca, M., da Rocha, S.T. Generation and characterization of induced pluripotent stem cells from a family carrying the BRCA1 mutation c.3612delA. Stem Cell Res 52:102242 (2021).

Klobučar, T., Kreibich, E., Krueger, F., Arez, M., Pólvora-Brandão, D., von Meyenn, F., da Rocha, S.T., Eckersley-Maslin, M. IMPLICON: an ultra-deep sequencing method to uncover DNA methylation at imprinted regions. Nucleic Acids Res 48(16):e92 (2020).