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Research Associate

Education and Training

PhD in Molecular and Developmental Biology, University of Cambridge, UK, 2006

Postgraduate GABBA (Graduation in Basic and Applied Biology) program, University of Porto, Portugal, 2002

Undergraduate in Biology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto, Portugal, 2001

Research activities

- Principal Investigator of the Stem Cell Epigenetics Lab since 2020
- Expert in Stem Cell Biology and Epigenetics (Genomic Imprinting & X-chromosome inactivation)

Selected publications

Arez, M., Eckersley-Maslin, M., Klobučar, T., von Gilsa Lopes, J., Krueger, F., Raposo, A.C., Gendrel, A.-V., Bernardes de Jesus, B., da Rocha, S.T. Sex of donor cell and reprogramming conditions predict the extent and nature of imprinting defects in mouse iPSCs. bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/2020.11.20.370973 (2021).

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