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Responsible: Evguenia Bekman

The CRISPR lab at SCERG came to life in the Fall of 2017. It is fully operational by now and functions as a facility supporting all MSc and PhD projects that include molecular cloning and gene editing by CRISPR at SCERG. The CRISPR lab is designed to set up routine production of gene edited hiPSC and MSC lines that can be used for disease modeling and cell-based therapies. For this goal, we perform Cas9 guides cloning and efficiency tests, PCR-based homology recombination templates assembly and cloning, and large scale plasmid DNA preparation prior transfection and/or microporation into target cell line. The lab also has all necessary tools and equipment for on-target and off-target efficiency analysis of CRISPR/Cas9 edited cells.

The lab is equipped with refrigerated microcentrifuge for Eppendorf tubes and falcon tubes, 37ÂșC incubator for growing bacteria, gel electrophoresis system for agarose and polyacrilamyde gels, heatblock and PCR machine.